Personal Psychic Readings, Spirit Guided, Genuine, and Affordable

Your Do you have a question about ROMANCE, CAREER or YOUR LIFE in general?

Your life is a sacred journey and at times your path becomes unclear so let Lucy guide you towards achieving the ABUNDANT and SATISFYING life path you are worthy of.

I will blend Clairvoyant abilities and Divination techniques to give you a Personal Psychic Reading, my readings are intended to give you guidance in regards to your here and now situations so you can move through and on from any difficult or unclear circumstances.

It is my calling to assist people, through Spirit, on their life journey and I will provide you with a Genuine, Caring and Affordable Psychic Reading experience.

About Lucy's readings

You can consider my personal readings as Spiritual Guidance. There are a few definitions as to what constitutes Spiritual Guidance though in my case I refer to this as accessing Spirit Guides and Universal Wisdom to, in turn, guide you.

In this role I can offer insight and direction by pointing out concerns such as your presenting and hidden issues, and can identify likely outcomes and ways to move forward.

I find that my readings often do two things: they either confirm your own intuition regarding your situation; or they offer a different and sometimes unanticipated perspective. Either way my hope is that a Spiritual Reading from me will bring about timely awareness to an aspect of your life that needs attention or healing.

As part of your life’s journey, let me be a light.

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About Lucy
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Terms and Conditions
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Psychic Lucy understands that some people don't have the ability to pay for a reading, each week a few free readings will be made available on compassionate grounds.
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